Is something not functioning correctly? Is your PC not doing what it's supposed to do? Is it dead to the world? Few things in modern life are more frustrating than computer troubles. We have come to rely on them heavily, yet the dangers to your important data (and your privacy) have increased just as our reliance on these devices has increased. From viruses to trojans to spyware, an Internet-connected PC (containing your vital data) faces greater and more sophisticated threats all the time. As is true with any device ever invented, physical parts inside a PC can fail. A power spike can kill an under-protected power supply. A dead hard drive can take all your data with it to the grave. Don't despair, though. The failure of one component inside a PC does not necessitate discarding the entire computer...CSM can correct most software and hardware problems.

With over fifteen years of troubleshooting experience, you're in good hands.

Key Benefits

  • Hardware Testing

  • Software Installations

  • Upgrades and computer maintenance

  • Dead file clean up (free up space on your machine so you     can maximize space you use)

  • Virus Attack? Top Notch techniques for removal and
        anti-virus software recommendation

  • Remote Access Troubleshooting (where available)
  • For more information
    email us at